Sunday, 28 February 2010

Even Mo' BAM Fest & Inside The Web

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The BAM Festival is still swinging. This week, it was the Girl Who Leapt Through Time and The Sky Crawlers. The first film, which was on Monday was pretty good. It was interestingly done, although strange and random, but lovable nonetheless. The ending divided the crowd however. I really appreciated the ending, but most thought it was silly. Tch, as if a romantic cheesy ending would have been MUCH better ¬_¬ Either way. Random and weird, yet good movie. Sky Crawlers was as I predicted, and as Paul described. Slow, strange, mature, but engaging in a mellow kind of way with epic CGI plane scenes. Since it was directed by Mamoru Oshii with Production IG, i could tell what was coming. And the girl in it DID look alot like the child version of Motoko Kusanagi. Though i love Motoko, this girl was just CREEPY. Either way, two good films. Tomorrow, i'll be seeing the finale; Summer Wars. Hoping for a big turnout and lots of fun =)

Yesterday, I went to a friend's house, which was pretty cool. Through talking to her friend about random stuff, then personal stuff, and then some NEXT stuff, every piece began to fall into place. Now i understand everything about the big 'web of intrigue' surrounding the many new friends I have. Some things were expected, others were surprising. But now, i can gladly say that my case is closed on the matter, and it has been a rather interesting ride along the way. Though the whole deal makes me feel a bit alienated and alone. Maybe it's better that way... Oh well.

Lookin forward to a good week =>

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