Sunday, 14 February 2010

Multiplayer MASSACRE & Song and Dance (Sun Aug 16, 2009, 2:19 PM)

FLYKICK TO YER FACE. "Player" has Been killed By A Headshot From An Unarmed Attack. MADNESS. That is F.E.A.R Multiplayer Demo. The download took me 6 hours!!! But it's worth it. Sure you die as easy as COD4, but it's still mad fun. Also, my hearts is now fond of Quake Live. It's pretty fast paced, but luckily, gettin used to F.E.A.R makes it easy. All good fun. *sigh* But for how long? Well, it's AMAZIN FUN.

Also, i've strangely been in a dancing mood. Courtesy of Crookers, and a certain Mr. Foletti ;) haha. Also, i positively LOVE Safe and Sound from Advent Children Complete: [link] Interesting artist mix, but great. That and i've been listening to SO much music lately. Haha. Awesomness. Well, ANOTHER WEEK

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