Sunday, 14 February 2010

Half Term & Brand New Name (Sun Nov 1, 2009, 2:11 PM)

This half term was nothing but 360, 360, 360. And hangin out with Anthony and thems, and my dad's birthday. But still, 360 =>

Completed Prince of Persia. Great game, and spectacular boss fight at the end. Weird i suppose, but i really loved it. Too bad i gotta start a new game to get the other achievements.
Completed Wolverine. The last fight was CRAZY, visceral, and pretty friggin awesome. Got quite a few achievements. Hehe. I feel bad to give it back to JT
Ninja Gaiden II and Left 4 Dead are fun, but i'm kinda on a stalemate, haha.
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is good. I'm doing a kind of competition to get the final blow in a fight, cause Reimi keeps stealig the kills. 18-7, Take That Reimi =>
And i bought Rainbow Six Vegas, but i haven't played it yet.

Also, i'm not sure why but i have 30 Seconds To Mars' song 'Capricorn (Brand New Name)' in my head. The lyrics "So I'll Run And Hide, And Tell Myself I'll Start Again With A Brand New Name, And Eyes That See Into Infinity'. They're kinda floating around in my consciousness. Maybe i feel refreshed, ready to tackle the week. After some good times and annoying times, with the helps of friends and fun stuff, i'm ready to move on =)

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