Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An Apology & New Direction

My brethren; my humble audience, I give you this apology. I ask for your forgiveness in my negligence and reluctance to make any new posts T_T I have been wrapped up in new affairs that have deviated me from my former path. Nevertheless my friends, my legacy continues in new spectrums:



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Friday, 10 December 2010

BlazBlue CS & Dante's Inferno

Soooo, it's been a whole week since I got BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and I think it's safe to say that it's a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat game. Challenging as crap though I tell you that. There's loads of differences, new additions and improvements so far which I think have made the experience a seriously immersive and addictive one. Though i fear some sacrifices have been made to get it to where it is now... And being a Ragna player has actually put me in an awkward position now. *sigh* I suppose to be on top would mean to be the most ruthless, yet stylish douchebag on that game. Haha. Nevermind all that serious stuff, it's good fun.

Dante's Inferno, which I got with BB CS for £30 altogether, is really just a decent hack n slash. Being a SERIOUS fan of the genre, I needed to get this to fulfill my hunger. Although it's no God of War (nor does it try to be), I feel it's a thoroughly enjoyable game, with a powerful and dark aesthetic. It gets better as you go on and play more and more, just like Bayonetta in the sense that the more you do the more good stuff you receive in return. Plus, the graphics in the opening and final cutscene practically rival God of War III's graphics, heck even Advent Children. It was one of those 'I wish this was the graphics for the whole game' sorta deal. Anywayz, time well spent.

Looks like I'm on the final week of my first term here at uni. It's been...insightful. And alot of lessons have been learned. I'm just happy that I've got all my work done.

Alas; onward.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

REACHing For The Stars & Skyline

I've been in a weird mood today. I had a dream that more or less got me this way, and though it wasn't a big deal it set off a chain reaction. However, it couldn't stop me from having a great time with the 2 aspects of this week.

First off, I decided to take a week each to focus on one game and try and get everything done. I played through Halo: Reach and managed to get to Major and buy alot of armour. Played Firefight non-stop, and got some ground covered. With the help of a friend, I discovered a secret room which was quite amazing, for me as a Bungie and Halo fan. It also looks quite amazing and awe inspiring to go to Halo Waypoint and just sit and watch the start screen with its music. Though not many probably share in my liking of it, haha. Anywayz, I thought I'd play DMC4 for the week, but after playing it a bit recently I decided to rethink the order of games I'm playing. Not that I didn't want to play it, but the weird mood messed with my enjoyment of it. That and one song stuck in my head now... Oh well. Next game is Splinter Cell Conviction, of which I've recently found many awesome wallpapers and pics. Such a great game. Too bad there's no one I can play Co-op with =/ Either way, I'll try my hardest.

Secondly, I went to see Skyline. My sister and cousins were meaning to see Harry Potter 7, but it was sold out and they had to leave before the next showing. But after alot of consideration, i was determined to go see Skyline. I felt so strange, sitting in the dark theatre, more or less alone, waiting to see what should have been the worst film on earth, according to the reviews. 'Should'. But wasn't. Because I honestly say now, that Skyline is one of the best films I've ever seen IN MY LIFE. It was epic, tense, dramatic and even a bit touching. I genuinely enjoyed it from start to finish. I thought it'd be as bad as all the reviews said, but screw that. For me, this film ticked all the right boxes and has now taken a solid place in my heart. I'm sure no one agrees with me, and heck I feel my own close friends with disagree as well. But oh well, this isn't the only way I'm alone anyway, heh. But to anyone interested, please, go see it. You just might have a great time.

So now, looks like I've got a big load of my hands. It's now up to time to guide me through it all

Monday, 15 November 2010

Vanquish & New Moon

Soooooo, I decided to buy Vanquish. For £30, and it came with a holographic cover and Bayonetta for FREE. Vanquish is pretty frickin amazing. It's challenging, but it's seriously fun. Alot of it is based on skill and being able to pull of cool moves at the right time. However, like Bayonetta, dying sucks cause it seriously subtracts from your score =/ But it's nothing too series. That said, Vanquish is more forgiving than Bayonetta, and can be much cooler in some bits. I've played through the game about 3 times now and got the majority of the achievements. It's now one of my favourite games =>

Also, yes you read it correctly. 'New Moon', as in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I watched it recently, and I have to say, I really liked it. I mean, let's put everyone's negative opinions aside. Just like the first movie, I sat down, watched it and I liked it. Simple. And this one was an improvement, and I quite liked the dramatization, the emotion and even the action when it happened. Obviously I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because they've already made their judgements about it. To me, I thought it was a brilliant and dramatic supernaturally themed romantic film.

Anywho, stuff doesn't get easier as there's loads of work to do ~

Monday, 1 November 2010

London MCM Expo Oct 2010 & Return Of FGJ!

ALRIGHT. Expo weekend was QUALITY. Spending time with my friends Matt as he played Fable III, and I played Dawn of War II, Assassin's Creed Project Legacy and played Battlefront II and Dancing Stage Universe with him (a very fun game which TROLLS you). I did my Ghost cosplay, which I've uploaded pics of. It wasn't very popular, cause it wasn't a proper one. But i did get several pictures taken of me =) I got to see SO many cosplay as usual; many new and awesome ones. The cosplay competition at the end was pretty frickin amazing. Well done to the guy who won first place in the Euro Cosplay 2010 competition =) My friends and I got what we went for - games to play, free stuff, cosplay to see and much more. Bags of free stuff, and a few BlazBlue posters. I managed to play at the BlazBlue section. On the Xbox i got 9 wins in a row!!! And I even won on the PS3 one. I feel sad though... since they were doing the World Record for winning the most games in an hour, they used Continuum Shift on PS3. With the pad. Which i don't know how to use T_T So when I played, I got DESTROYED. I managed to get a Hell's Fang in there, but that was about it. *sigh* Oh well. It was worth it => Also, my friends and I played the AC Brotherhood multiplayer and WON on our first try. They got to play Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honour; of which we got free dog tags. AAAANNNDD, we played Marvel vs Capcom 3. Other than getting whuped by some random black guy, I watched my friends Odin and Josh go at it. Game looks REALLY impressive. So, Expo's done. And now it's back to uni work T_T Haha

Also, on another note; For Great Justice!, an artist that got me into Drum n Bass since I heard his song 'Dendrite' in the online game FFR: Flash Flash Revolution ( http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/ ), of whom I uploaded many of his songs to my Youtube account - was gracious enough to send me a link to his new songs!! They're all on my Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSoulOfBasement15?feature=mhum . So be sure to check em out, as well as any other vids that look cool ;) Feel free to subscribe, rate, and/or comment =)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Uni Life & My Gaming Life

Heyyyy, so it's been a while I know. Aint had time to post. Or more like, couldn't get the time :p But anyway, yeah. Uni's begun!! Aston University is pretty damn amazing. Living only 20 minutes down the hill from it means a long walk, but hey it's convenient. I kinda wish I lived on campus though =/ Mainly cause I um...haven't made any friends yet. But no matter. Classes have started, and they're pretty cool. But man alive have I gotten LOADS of work. Assignments, notes, readings, quizzes, and soon essays. Well, i suppose I gotta sink my teeth into it. But still. The parties have been pretty cool, and I am enjoying the independence as well as the ability to find out so much psychological knowledge.

On the other side of things, I've been upping my gaming. I've done so much in my games, as follows;

-F.E.A.R 2, i completed Hard mode. It was challenging, but I got to enjoy that game again
-Halo Reach, i've done most things except Legendary. I'm a captain in it now!!! But multiplayer's becoming too much like Halo 3...overbearing. It's still a quality game though
-Super Street Fighter IV, a game which I thought i'd never get. Granted, i'm pretty good in it with Guy, but it still pisses me off too much to call it one of my favourites
-Modern Warfare 2, i got all the achievements!!! I did Wardriving on my own => And I did Wetwork, with the help of a brother =) It's strange though, it's not as hard it used to be on Veteran. hehe
-Devil May Cry 4, i got Legendary Devil Hunter!! I killed over 50,000 enemies, and I'm on 90+ hours of gameplay. OH YEAH
-BlazBlue, i completed everyone's Story mode, AND saw the True ending. MAN ALIVE, it was amazing. Challenging, but I'm glad I was dedicated till the end =) I also completed everyone's Arcade mode and used their Astral finishes. Now, i'm training even more with Ragna. I still aint beaten Unlimited Ragna, but i will someday. I can't wait for Expo so I can play Continuum Shift!!!

So that's it really. I've got work undone, and more gaming to play so; LET'S ROCK, BABY. YEAH

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Miles Away & WANT

I've been so busy and bothered lately that I haven't had time for a journal entry. I suppose it's no excuse, but oh well. So yeah; i'm here!!! In my accomodation in Birmingham, and it is NICE. So far, not much has happened. I've fully unpacked, annnnnd I went to the Welcome Party. It was QUALITY. Though the lonely stagger home wasn't particularly fun. Anywayz, I'm glad to be independent, but it has its own struggle. Having internet is a good luxury at the moment. I was thinking of not attending the tours and such like, but I suppose it'd be for the best. But if anything that's kind of nice, it's the freedom. And heck, the space of this room.

On another note, I seriously want Halo Reach. I know i know, want goes on forever, and man is never content. Cause after how much I wanted Splinter Cell Conviciton, i was happy to finally have it, but now I want Reach. I suppose it's cause everyone has it really. But I guess i'll miss it's important era. Haha. I'll buy it at some point, but I gotta be careful cause I don't wanna spend money I don't have. For the moment, I am pretty ok, I just wish I could just get Reach and have that done. There are many other things i really WANT right now, but I guess that's just life really. Oh well.

Now, to a new beginning. The rest of freshers week, and for the journey that is University!!!!