Sunday, 21 November 2010

REACHing For The Stars & Skyline

I've been in a weird mood today. I had a dream that more or less got me this way, and though it wasn't a big deal it set off a chain reaction. However, it couldn't stop me from having a great time with the 2 aspects of this week.

First off, I decided to take a week each to focus on one game and try and get everything done. I played through Halo: Reach and managed to get to Major and buy alot of armour. Played Firefight non-stop, and got some ground covered. With the help of a friend, I discovered a secret room which was quite amazing, for me as a Bungie and Halo fan. It also looks quite amazing and awe inspiring to go to Halo Waypoint and just sit and watch the start screen with its music. Though not many probably share in my liking of it, haha. Anywayz, I thought I'd play DMC4 for the week, but after playing it a bit recently I decided to rethink the order of games I'm playing. Not that I didn't want to play it, but the weird mood messed with my enjoyment of it. That and one song stuck in my head now... Oh well. Next game is Splinter Cell Conviction, of which I've recently found many awesome wallpapers and pics. Such a great game. Too bad there's no one I can play Co-op with =/ Either way, I'll try my hardest.

Secondly, I went to see Skyline. My sister and cousins were meaning to see Harry Potter 7, but it was sold out and they had to leave before the next showing. But after alot of consideration, i was determined to go see Skyline. I felt so strange, sitting in the dark theatre, more or less alone, waiting to see what should have been the worst film on earth, according to the reviews. 'Should'. But wasn't. Because I honestly say now, that Skyline is one of the best films I've ever seen IN MY LIFE. It was epic, tense, dramatic and even a bit touching. I genuinely enjoyed it from start to finish. I thought it'd be as bad as all the reviews said, but screw that. For me, this film ticked all the right boxes and has now taken a solid place in my heart. I'm sure no one agrees with me, and heck I feel my own close friends with disagree as well. But oh well, this isn't the only way I'm alone anyway, heh. But to anyone interested, please, go see it. You just might have a great time.

So now, looks like I've got a big load of my hands. It's now up to time to guide me through it all

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