Monday, 1 November 2010

London MCM Expo Oct 2010 & Return Of FGJ!

ALRIGHT. Expo weekend was QUALITY. Spending time with my friends Matt as he played Fable III, and I played Dawn of War II, Assassin's Creed Project Legacy and played Battlefront II and Dancing Stage Universe with him (a very fun game which TROLLS you). I did my Ghost cosplay, which I've uploaded pics of. It wasn't very popular, cause it wasn't a proper one. But i did get several pictures taken of me =) I got to see SO many cosplay as usual; many new and awesome ones. The cosplay competition at the end was pretty frickin amazing. Well done to the guy who won first place in the Euro Cosplay 2010 competition =) My friends and I got what we went for - games to play, free stuff, cosplay to see and much more. Bags of free stuff, and a few BlazBlue posters. I managed to play at the BlazBlue section. On the Xbox i got 9 wins in a row!!! And I even won on the PS3 one. I feel sad though... since they were doing the World Record for winning the most games in an hour, they used Continuum Shift on PS3. With the pad. Which i don't know how to use T_T So when I played, I got DESTROYED. I managed to get a Hell's Fang in there, but that was about it. *sigh* Oh well. It was worth it => Also, my friends and I played the AC Brotherhood multiplayer and WON on our first try. They got to play Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honour; of which we got free dog tags. AAAANNNDD, we played Marvel vs Capcom 3. Other than getting whuped by some random black guy, I watched my friends Odin and Josh go at it. Game looks REALLY impressive. So, Expo's done. And now it's back to uni work T_T Haha

Also, on another note; For Great Justice!, an artist that got me into Drum n Bass since I heard his song 'Dendrite' in the online game FFR: Flash Flash Revolution ( ), of whom I uploaded many of his songs to my Youtube account - was gracious enough to send me a link to his new songs!! They're all on my Youtube page: . So be sure to check em out, as well as any other vids that look cool ;) Feel free to subscribe, rate, and/or comment =)

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