Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Uni Life & My Gaming Life

Heyyyy, so it's been a while I know. Aint had time to post. Or more like, couldn't get the time :p But anyway, yeah. Uni's begun!! Aston University is pretty damn amazing. Living only 20 minutes down the hill from it means a long walk, but hey it's convenient. I kinda wish I lived on campus though =/ Mainly cause I um...haven't made any friends yet. But no matter. Classes have started, and they're pretty cool. But man alive have I gotten LOADS of work. Assignments, notes, readings, quizzes, and soon essays. Well, i suppose I gotta sink my teeth into it. But still. The parties have been pretty cool, and I am enjoying the independence as well as the ability to find out so much psychological knowledge.

On the other side of things, I've been upping my gaming. I've done so much in my games, as follows;

-F.E.A.R 2, i completed Hard mode. It was challenging, but I got to enjoy that game again
-Halo Reach, i've done most things except Legendary. I'm a captain in it now!!! But multiplayer's becoming too much like Halo 3...overbearing. It's still a quality game though
-Super Street Fighter IV, a game which I thought i'd never get. Granted, i'm pretty good in it with Guy, but it still pisses me off too much to call it one of my favourites
-Modern Warfare 2, i got all the achievements!!! I did Wardriving on my own => And I did Wetwork, with the help of a brother =) It's strange though, it's not as hard it used to be on Veteran. hehe
-Devil May Cry 4, i got Legendary Devil Hunter!! I killed over 50,000 enemies, and I'm on 90+ hours of gameplay. OH YEAH
-BlazBlue, i completed everyone's Story mode, AND saw the True ending. MAN ALIVE, it was amazing. Challenging, but I'm glad I was dedicated till the end =) I also completed everyone's Arcade mode and used their Astral finishes. Now, i'm training even more with Ragna. I still aint beaten Unlimited Ragna, but i will someday. I can't wait for Expo so I can play Continuum Shift!!!

So that's it really. I've got work undone, and more gaming to play so; LET'S ROCK, BABY. YEAH

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