Sunday, 26 September 2010

Miles Away & WANT

I've been so busy and bothered lately that I haven't had time for a journal entry. I suppose it's no excuse, but oh well. So yeah; i'm here!!! In my accomodation in Birmingham, and it is NICE. So far, not much has happened. I've fully unpacked, annnnnd I went to the Welcome Party. It was QUALITY. Though the lonely stagger home wasn't particularly fun. Anywayz, I'm glad to be independent, but it has its own struggle. Having internet is a good luxury at the moment. I was thinking of not attending the tours and such like, but I suppose it'd be for the best. But if anything that's kind of nice, it's the freedom. And heck, the space of this room.

On another note, I seriously want Halo Reach. I know i know, want goes on forever, and man is never content. Cause after how much I wanted Splinter Cell Conviciton, i was happy to finally have it, but now I want Reach. I suppose it's cause everyone has it really. But I guess i'll miss it's important era. Haha. I'll buy it at some point, but I gotta be careful cause I don't wanna spend money I don't have. For the moment, I am pretty ok, I just wish I could just get Reach and have that done. There are many other things i really WANT right now, but I guess that's just life really. Oh well.

Now, to a new beginning. The rest of freshers week, and for the journey that is University!!!!

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