Sunday, 14 February 2010

K Dash COMPLETE & UCAS Done and Dusted (Sun Oct 4, 2009, 1:08 PM)

ALRIGHT!!! In only a week, i managed to get all the components for K Dash!! Well, more or less. I got the red gloves, a black jacket and black jeans, and the cross necklace should come soon. I'm not completely sure about it, but if all else fails i'll use the Roxas necklace. I might take pictures if i get the chance. It's a huge relief to have sorted a legitimate cosplay already, else i'd be doin Krause again haha. Besides, i got new glasses which will look cool even without wearin the sunglasses all the time.

On another good note, i've filled in all of my UCAS form, gone through fire and flames to fine tune my Personal Statement, and finally sent it off. Despite some *ahem* annoyances ¬_¬, i've finally gotten this outta the way. But there's still other work to be done. Alas, that's 6th form life. Another week, another case study in humour, strife, and symbolism.

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