Sunday, 14 February 2010

Break-neck Speed & Challenges (Sun Jan 31, 2010, 2:23 PM)

Well, now that the first couple of exams are done, all the teachers are easing back into the regular ebb and flow of teaching. But for some odd reason, they're now (especially in English) moving at an unforgiving pace which even I feel uneasy about. I mean, i ALREADY have a practice test in Sociology, which is just SILLY. We had the exam LAST WEEK for goodness sake. I suppose i'm whining, but it still stands. Oh well, what can you do?

Now, there's 3 kinds of challenges: Stuff that you can do with effort and time, stuff that is hard at first but you get used to gradually, and stuff that's possible but is unfair and tough to do on your own.

The first is referring to MW2, where I do weapon challenges. Fun stuff, easy and simple. Currently i'm using the SCAR, UMP45, M21 sniper, TAR-21 and Vector.
The second is referring to Street Fighter IV. Great game, but i'm SO terrible at it. Well, was terrible. I'm 'ok' at it now, though i do arcade on Easiet. Trust me, Easiest means that the CPU won't be TOO vicious, they still do grabs and cheap moves ALL the time ¬_¬ But i have won my first few online matches though. I wish the system was a bit better, as well as the connecting.
The last refers to Left 4 Dead 2. 'Gr8' fun, considering i have no one to play it with. I did Dead Centre on my own, and even did the carnival one on my own even though my friend helped me earlier. The reason for this is that she left me behind on the very last bit, so I didn't 'survive' the campaign, hence no achievement. *sigh* It was TORTUROUS doing it again on my own, and i died SO many times. Even Half-Life didn't feel that bad...That was managable, this was silly.

I've taken a break from it, but it's still a good game though.

Anywayz, lookin forward to an amazing week as the Bexley Anime & Manga festival starts. Gonna be great =)

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