Sunday, 14 February 2010

Media Excitement & Unforgotten (Sun Aug 2, 2009, 2:25 PM)

As summer vaca continues, I continue to do more fun media related stuff.I.e., my 360, the internet, music, and such like. I recently picked up Lost Planet, and i have played the single player and online demo before, but the actual game is where the meat is at. GIANT INSECTS. Quite horrifying at first, but can produce some EPIC battles. Such as Green Eye; the giant caterpillar like 'Akrid' (the snow insects in the game) that killed the main character's father in the beginning of the game. That fight was AMAZING. Stunning to look at, challenging, and satisfying. I discovered that's only halfway through the game, and i'm quite excited to see how the next few levels shall go!!

Similarly, i'm quite happy i FINALLY got the first achievement for Sonic The Hedgehog (360) It was for completing Sonic's story, and 30g isn't bad i suppose *sigh* There's still more to do. Not a bad game, just mildly annoying. Anyway, discovering NEDM was one of the most shocking, interesting, and utterly hilarious things i've done on the internet. Not only for the nonsense of the a cat zapping people, but it re-awakened my love for the song 'We Interrupt This Program' by Coburn. On the more *ahem* "black" side of me, i checked out the Jazzie show which was pretty hilarious, as well as getting into more Giggs songs.

I'd also like to thank CandyDai for sending me those 'Charlie's War' videos when i was feeling down. It has quite the charm to it, both in implications and obvious jokes.

On the other side of the story, is why i was so gloomy in the first place...As if it had dawned on me, the death of one of the GREATEST anime characters in history made me think of how my friend's father, and even my own grandfather have died...I don't know how my friend's doing, but something tells me he's still going strong. And i will admit, in the long run i, and many others, seem to nearly disregard people's deaths as a way of not letting it get to us. It's only natural, but i feel bad as if i'm forsaking their memory. But, listening to the song 'Unforgotten' by Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori from Halo 2, with it's mellow and solemn symphony, made me think and understand how even though they are dead, they will indeed remain Unforgotten, as they were precious too us. I certainly won't forget that one character ;) And to anyone who's looking for a peaceful and heartfelt tune, check out Unforgotten from Halo 2- it's really touched me (as most Halo songs do) and i'm sure you'll appreciate it to.

A new week, one sure to be busy to a degree. Gotta keep on keepin on =)

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