Sunday, 14 February 2010

Level 70 & Filmz

I FINALLY turned level 70 in MW2. You know what that means? PRESTIGING. Ok, not just yet. But the road to 70 was quite a long one. I learned how to draw for the tool faster, how to get the killstreaks up, and basically to be the jack-of-all trades when it comes to guns. Gaining my own style along the way, it was a pretty long and fun journey. Shootin down harries, AC130's and what not. Ahhhh, good times. Now i gotta complete all the challenges i have left BEFORE i prestige. What an AWESOMETOWN game.

Anywayz, watched a couple of films lately. As part of the BAM festival, I've seen Tokyo Godfathers and Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Now, Tokyo Godfathers was a prett good and funny film, by Satoshi Kon, as in the Paranoia Agent director. It was well done and interesting, and violent when i didn't expect it. Although, some people laughed at like every bit which was even remotely humurous and that was slightly annoying, but no matter. I thought it was ok though. What i was slightly iff'd about though was how many seemed like they were getting bored by Cowboy Bebop. I got it on DVD, seen it 3 times, and LOVED it. Granted it aint the fastest paced anime or maybe the most flashy, but that's just like the series, and it's old so it's got that classic style. I thought it was all about absorbing its atmosphere and enjoying what it presents, but it seems all people wanted was explosive action. Suppose i can understand really...Good night regardless =)

Anywayz, more BAM festival events over this week =>

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