Sunday, 14 February 2010

Prize Evening & Being Stuck In The Middle (Sun Sep 20, 2009, 1:12 PM)

Heyooooo. On Tuesday at my school was a Prize Giving Evening for those who achieved some form of award last year. And i nearly missed it were it not for my friend who told me on facebook 3 hours before it started. SO LUCKY. I thought it was on Thursday!!! Haha. Oh well. It was *ahem* 'alright'. I knew already that i was going to get the Year 12 Prize for Drama, and i bought the book 'Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment' which was handed to me. But the gripe was twofold; LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG talk by some old guy, famous i suppose, who does commentary for cricket gave a journey through most of his career, which was interesting, but the POSHNESS was flowing from him like floodgates. Secondly, my headteacher praised the year 11, 13, and even the lower years for all their amazing grades. And then practically condemned to hell the Year 12s, as in us who are now Year 13, making us sound like the worst year they've ever had ¬_¬ *sigh* But what can ya do? Anywayz, the book is interesting, and i'll keep makin my way through it.

Part of my 'ish' this week was being caught in a very strange web as the result of several variables. I cannot mention any names, but let's just say 'the power of 3'. I thought i had a handle on it, but all of it swept by me so easily, probably taking a part of me with it. And then, a blast from the past rears its head, begging me, BEGGING me to practically breakdown. But i took it all in my stride, though there was some collateral along the way. I ended up ignoring people, not out of spite or anti-socialness, but merely cause i didn't want to end up saying my problem, as i usually do. I hope i'll make amends for my selfishness, and to anyone who i've wronged, i'm really sorry. Besides, now there's someone who needs me, well, needs a helping hand. So in the words of Chris Redfield 'I've got a job to do. And i'm gonna see it through'.

Though in the end, it is quite difficult being 'Stuck In The Middllllllllllllllle'

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