Sunday, 14 February 2010

Paranormal Activity & MW2 (Sun Dec 13, 2009, 2:25 PM)

Well, that film shook me. It was SPOOKY 0_0. Yeah, you can say it was cliche and the ending was slighly predictable, and yet it was all so well done that it was entertaining all the while. Although the black kids screaming at every loud noise was just stupid. Jokin and making comments with the guys was pretty cool though. Good day out, despite all the annoyances getting it ¬_¬ Hehe

As for MW2, it boils down to this: YOU NEED TO PLAY MODERN WARFARE 2. Tough but simple, insane but paced. Probably the funnest and most amazing campaign I've played this year (yes ODST, you're 2nd). Short yeah, but packed with so much MMM that it gives you the same headache you got from COD4. Multiplayer is still the chips and beans, and Spec Ops is definitely a winner. A cinematic, blockbuster experience if there ever was one. Makes me wanna get it even more T_T Hehe.


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