Sunday, 14 February 2010

Risk & Eagle Eye (Sun Oct 11, 2009, 1:09 PM)

Lately, i've been taking a LOT of risks. It seems my current circumstances have pulled me from my comfort zone, and have forced me to think on me feet, do what i feel is necessary, and treat the consequences with careful consideration. Without risk, there'd be much i couldn't have accomplished, stuff i couldn't have done or seen. But admittedly, i've been very much afraid of taking risks all my life. Always afraid i've done it wrong or i'd do it wrong. As time goes on, i realized there are some things we just have to take chances with. This doesn't mean we should be blindly brave, but rather that we should try to make that leap of faith whenever the time comes around.

Anywayz, on saturday (which was a GREAT day mind you) i finished it off by watching Eagle Eye on Sky Movies. Twas a MARVELOUS film. Crazy, fast-paced, explosive and memorable. With a pinch of salt in the form of the premise of 'Big Brother' (not the show, the concept), it was a fusion between Metal Gear Solid's backbone story and the first Matrix film. Minus the philosophy. Regardless, it was a great watch and i really enjoyed it. A new week begins, which means more work, more familiar faces, more more ;)

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