Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mo' BAM Fest & Code Geass

WOW. What a half term and 1/2. SO much done, and so much left not done, haha. So basically:

Monday- went to David Llyod Leisure Centre with Matt, did lots of exercise, LOTS, and chilled out with some pizzas and videos at his place after. Then, went to Erith to oversee Sonia's art workshop. Was pretty cool, and got to ask her about her favourite guns. Heh. Cool to meet someone into guns like that; a proper fanatic.

Tuesday- Slept ALOT, then did the usual bizzle.

Wednesday- Swung by Josh's house and played some 360. I ended up having the same reaction when i faced The Alchemist in Prince of Persia: 'STOP GETTING YOUR HEALTH BACK!!!!' Fun =) Then met Marisa and went to the, surprisingly close, Crayford Manor House for the Cooking workshop. Although somewhat short and simple, everyone enjoyed it. Now i have a good ol' Mickey Mouse bento T_T Hehe

Thursday- BIIIIIIIIG day. Headed to Central,and along the way about 12 cops were holding down this one black guy, what a sight. And more were coming as well!! Anywayz, helped co-ordinate the first workshop with Emma. Talked with Dan a bit, then headed to Welling for the second event, which was good as well. Then roamed around Bexleyheath until the film. MAN ALIVE. For a very short film, The Cat Returns nearly had me in tears. I was SO touched!! It was so fun and lovable, as well as cool and action-packed.

Friday- Lazin about, played ODST again. Grrrr ¬_¬ CANNOT get past Kilingo Boulevard on Legendary on my own. Stayed alive for like 20 MINUTES only to be killed by the stupid Wraith ¬___________¬ Gave up, then played Halo 3 with Abi and Josh. Which was actually really fun. I've gotten so much better now, cause i'm focusing on how to gun someone down Halo style. I even got to rank 7 =>

Saturday- Ghost balaclava came!!! Threw some crap together, luckily bought a Mini Uzi and Knife (toys obviously) and seriously helped out at the Cosplay Workshop. People said i looked scary, ahah. Had so many pictures taken by newspaper people and did a video interview with the guy recording the event. So happy =) Felt a bit sad when it ended though. Ended so early that everyone left and i felt left behind really. Oh well.

Saturday night consisted of the second thing, which is Code Geass. By 6:30am, i managed to finsh the second season. Pretty freaking good anime ]=> Really engaging, funny, and action up the hootanany. Not the greatest story ever told, but a delivey so nice that I couldn't help but keep going back for more. And it's by Sunrise!! The studio that made S-Cry-ed and Gundam Seed. Although you can tell Code Geass is by CLAMP by the designs of the characters, though the style has a Sunrise touch to it. The show was a bit like Death Note, liken to Gundam Seed, by way of Raphael from Soul Calibur's ambitions, with a S-Cry-ed style premise, with a Gurren Lagann style sub-plot. Haha. I know, VERY long winded. Anywayz, I'm glad Odin recommended it to me. I had alot of fun with it =)

So, back to school. But ah, morning study leave ;)

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