Sunday, 14 February 2010

2 Topics Journal Entries!!! (Sun May 31, 2009, 1:09 PM)

SERIOUS. Well, every Sunday i'll do a rundown of the week based on 2 main topics. For my first time, it'll be; Philosophy Revision & Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

As for Philosophy, the first exam went well, but i won't lie, i wasn't too prepared for Unit 2. Knowledge of the External world was HUGE. It took me 9 HOURS TO NOTE IT ALL DOWN, and 3 hours to make the notes smaller...gawd. And i hadn't even done the second topic; which i'm doin now. Free Will, but that's pretty easy to me. Anywayz, difficulties aside, wasn't too bad. And philosophy's always cool; there was a Matrix quote at the end of the External World. Gonna be sure to remember that =)

Now for Wanted. My GAWD what a game. You curved one bullet, you've curved A HUNDRED. Nah, actually you haven't. There's an achievement for curving 100 bullets, so curvin one won't give it to you. Though i got that AND the 'Curved 1 Bullet to kill 2 People'; it was SICK. Crazy, violent, funny and pretty slick and awesome, Wanted was fun. I went from 2000-3000g cause of that. My GAWD. SO many achievements; all pretty easy, cause i got 40 out of 50. Twas fun, but a certain boy named after one of the bible's gospels might be wantin it back...haha.

Wells, borin as heck but hey, it's what comes to mind. Anywayz; stay frosty friends, and remember; GET CARLOS

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