Sunday, 14 February 2010

The MOVIES: Transformers 2 & The Mist (Sun Jun 28, 2009, 12:12 PM)

Hello peoples, hehehe. It's THAT MAN. I'm jokin. It's A. R. Hehe. Guilty Gear fans out there would understand that very obscure character reference.

Anywayz, watched Transformers: Revenge of [the] Fallen, or 'ROF' as my cousin calls it. Verdict? GREAT. New bits? YES. Better? MOSTLY (didn't have as much effect that last one huh?) look at it this way-

Transformers = Gears of War/ Transformers: ROF = Gears of War 2

And what i mean by this is that ROF is longer, faster, more in your face, better character development, les cheesy, more bits we love than bits we're uncomfortable in (i.e. Sam's "happy time" in one), and overall more action, more explosions, more emotion, more more. haha. An improvement, and definitely not the end. Although i will admit, The Fallen was a foe and 1/2!!!!! Like the last boss in a game, he had CRAZY SKILLZ!!!!! Haha. Wouldn't wanna ruin it though.

Now as for The Mist; FREAKIN 'A!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit; don't watch many horror/ sci-fi films on occasion, but this one was worth it. When it comes to most 'survival horror' type films, i always find all the holes in it, cliches, and certainly the plot devoid of substance. But being Stephen King spawned, it managed to navigate through my defenses NICELY, and intrigued me to no end.

If anything took the cake; and i mean busted in through your window, knifed your cat, took the cake while runnin, the dived out your kitchen window, THEN threw in a flashbang; it would be the ENDING!!!!!! My GAWD. The ending had so many religious, psychological, and even philosophical magnitude to it. I think it's underlying principle was about hope, courage, and fear and how by allowing one to take too much precedence, then fate could take an unexpected turn. Anymore said, and it'd ruin the magnificence of the originality of that ending. If anything, it's not for the faint or heart and might even damage a few brain cells as it works its way into your cognitive mind. hehe.

Well, a new week awaits. 2 more till i get out of 6th form. Until then, stay savvy my friends, and stay strong =)

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