Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dedication and Musculation (Sun Jul 12, 2009, 12:29 PM)

Hey y'all!! This here's a End of Academic Year Dedication to everyone, and i mean ALL of my friends who made the last academic year Fun, Great, Cool, Dope, Awesome, Stupid, Crazy, Funny, Lovable, Bizzare, Random, Jokes, Nuts, HELL, HEAVEN, and others =)

If i've missed anyone, i'm really sorry, i couldn't mention everyone, just those that've influenced my Year 12 experience =)

And here ze areeee:

Denita, Nikki, Milda, Taddy, Bexi, Alex, Vicky, Cassie, Jon Tam, Stephen, Harry, Mitchell, Dasiy, Aimee, Michelle, Sian, Shante, Anthony E., Lucienne, Matt, Charlotte F., Charlotte K., Maisy, Jack Coy, Catherine M., Elouize, Amanda H., James H., James R., Josh B., Patrick A., Tonderai, Jon A., Nathan, Jack S., Jack C., Marisa, Chrissie, Ben E., Ben F., Sian J., Ryan K., Abi J., Abi M., Megan, Elle, Emma P., Danielle, Gemma, Sam J., Sam, Martin, Connor J., Connor A., Georgette, Ellen, Beatrice, Janet, PY, Colby, Alex F., Cameron, Marlon, Anwar, James E., Love, Fred T., Georgia C., Holly, Bex, Odin, Josh K., Mix, Paul S., Mark H., Emily, Alex S., Paul F., Delise, Paul S., Tobi O., Toby I., Tobi A., Chuka, Elvin, Becky, Michael W., Tony E., Emma S., Reece J., Toni A., Nash, Mousa, Linran, Zhanna, Claudia, Aisha, Gabrielle, Jill, Tory, Kevin, Darius, Stephanie C., Anabel, Robyn, and of course; Brother Kieran =)

As for the 'musculation' part, i refer to doing weights and such like. My muscles have been ACHING and thanks to a cold, it got WORSE. Not too bad though. Now that i've healed, i'm much STROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. I hope...

Oh well. Here's to a MAGNIFICENT start to my summer vaca!! *dances*

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