Sunday, 14 February 2010

BlazBlue & Danson Festival (Sun Jul 5, 2009, 1:30 PM)

As you can imagine; being a HUGE Guilty Gear fan, hearing that Arc System Works, the creators of GG, are making a new fighting game, for Xbox 360 and PS3, called 'BlazBlue' (pronounced Blaze-Blue), i was OVER THE MOON! Why, it looks AMAZING. True to Guilty Gear, and with a style of it's own- it's everything the doctor ordered for a GG fan.
I've looked at quite a few videos so far, and got a few of the character's themes. Ragna; main character, and my Facebook and MSN display pictures, is quite the cool character. A 'bit' like Sol-Badguy, only he has an actual sword, which seems to have a shotgun at the top of it. A 'gunblade' if you will. His theme music is legend; Rebellion, which in comparison to Keep Yourself Alive II, Sol's theme, isn't 'better', but different. Different good that is =)
Of course i'm excited for its existence on this earth. Though no British release date is available, i hope and pray it'll come out soon. If not, i at least hope to play it one day.

As for 'Danson Festival', i refer to the large park festival that occurs 2 days, once a year in Danson Park; those of us living around the Bexley Borough will know where this is =) Now, i've been before, and they were good, but i will admit, this time around was AMAZING. It had the usual rides and concession stands. But i also noticed the MASS amount of people compared to last time. With the company of two of the best friends a guy can have, we looked around; seein the large band shell - gettin free cds of Live Politics and Facade - the dancing stage, many Bexley Council program stands, the local bands area, and the community music, of which i was very captivated by the blues group.
All in all, it was a nice sunny day, reminding me of how great it is to be with friends, having fun and relaxing, listening to good music on a summer weekend. Too bad there's still some school left to finish => haha.

Anywayz, i'm pretty happy. And i'll hopefully be so for a while. And as for a certain Mr. James, i hope he rests in peace with my condolences.

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