Sunday, 14 February 2010

AS Results Day '09 & FLIES (Sun Aug 23, 2009, 10:51 AM)

Yes...On August 20th 2009, myself and many other 16 and 17 year old 6th form and College students made the journey to our respective establishments in order to receive the results of our AS Examinations. It was a day of tears, laughing, evaluation, fear, and hope. Heh. The results were quite diverse, but as expected, quite a few got average grades. Many were scared and trembling, dreading and complaining. I just walked in, picked it up, looked at it, called the folks, then had some fun. Heh. Although, i dodged a bullet. Well, more like jumped to the other side of the world!! I got: Sociology- A, English Language- A, Philosophy- B, and Drama- C. Unfortunately, i'm dropping Drama. Suppose it just wasn't for was just for the heck of it, and now there's no point. But it was worth it for the info, skills gained, and good times i had. And truth be told, i'll miss you Elouize =)

Now, to press on to Year 13. Come on my friends. We can do this =>

I think i know how 'Gears' feel. As in Gears of War. And just like in the Gears of War 2 teaser trailer, as Marcus Fenix said: 'IT NEVER ENDS'.

Sitting in my living room, everything's cool, everything fine. Watching Death Race with the family. Next minute i see a fly. No problemo, smack it down, wipe it up. Then we see another one. Kill it. ANOTHER one. Kill it. And then i go into the dining room and notice 2 or 3 about. I think 'Who left the door open'. The door WASN'T open. I go into the Kitchen, I see 1 on the wall, about to take it down, i hear a buzzing around the light. 2 flies were on flying around the light. Then it hit me, taking a step back, i noticed the TENS of flies on the walls and ceiling of my kitchen. My skin crawled. I gasped. It. Was. MAD.

Basically, from a certain someone in my family leaving the back door open too much ¬_¬ Flies must have hive'd up in the house somewhere, probably kitchen, and laid some eggs which hatched into the SWARM of some 30+ we're still dealing with now *sigh* It's disgusting. And they're all fat and slow, it's creepy. We let some go outside, and others we indiscriminately slew. Hopefully, we'll either 1. Find the hive, and DESTROY IT. Or 2. there was a set number which will run out soon.

MADNESS. I aint had this much a problem with insects since Lost Planet...Oh well. It'll be over soon, i hope. 2 more weeks of summer T_T wish i could go somewhere, hang with someone, but we'll have to see.

Keep fightin the good fight people.

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