Sunday, 14 February 2010

Year 13 & 'That Time Of Year' (Sun Sep 13, 2009, 1:13 PM)

With the first week of Year 13 done, I managed to pick up on a few things;

-Work is as usual. Though the stakes are higher, and deadlines tighter
-Not much has changed in terms of where i go, but i have TONS of frees =)
-Sociology is as expected ¬_¬ But i gotta hang in there, and help who i can
-The year 12s are 'alright'. Though not always friendly lookin, and the girls seems...interchangeable. Not to be mean, but it's VERY hard to tell them apart when there's about 12 blonde haired girls wearin next to the same thing.
-UCAS AND STUFF. Assemblies, uni open days, and DEADLINES. 'nuff said'

Tough stuff. But nothing i can't handle. I hope.

Anywayz, as we've all noticed summer is GONE. And in set, is a cool and cold wind, grey skies, and a gloomy feeling. As it gets colder, darker, and quieter, people get closer, making this an unfortunate time to be lonely. heh. Memories come flooding back, and feelings fly left, right, and centre. But since disappointment only comes when you realize the truth, i suppose i gotta trek the lonely road bravely in the conditions. And to any of you that must do the same; hang tight, friend =)

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