Sunday, 7 March 2010

Main Melancholies & Turning 70 2

*sigh* What a look and diverse week. Fun, crazy, random, SAD, TOUGH, but then it all comes full circle. I have to admit, this was one of those weeks where i felt positively DEFEATED by the things I had to deal with. Highlights were of course getting my bigger headset and getting most of my Ghost cosplay done. But obviously there's a certain G36C missing in the picture T_T But i'm confident that i can get it in time for the Expo =) Other than that, it was a week of mixed emotions, certainly.

Onto to the next, on on to the next one. Haha. Well, I called the second bit 'Turning 70 - 2' because it's kind of part 2 of how it felt to turn level 70 in MW2. Granted i've Prestige'd now, and i'm using the Famas at the moment. But i refer more to Halo 3, Tekken and even a few demos I've been playing lately. Perhaps it was the dedication, time, effort, enjoyment and development i gained from all those levels i went up in MW2. It's made me even quicker to, as i say, 'draw for the tool' in terms of 360 games. I've even gotten better at racing games, such as Need For Speed and MotoGP. I feel like i understand the controls better and maybe even understand things about proper driving itself. The biggest difference is in Halo 3 where I've been leveling up quite well in each playlist and Team Swat is actually FUN for me now. Big surprise, haha. Well, gotta balance school work and play obviously. But as a gamer and a student, i think i'm doing pretty well as it is.

New week, gonna try my best. Oscar Mike

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