Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exam Result & Total Result

What a week... Well, i kept thinkin to myself that Thursday would be a good day. We got the results of our January exams, and all I did was Sociology. Quite worried for the exam initially, but felt pretty good afterwards. Although, on Wednesday i wasn't worried at all. Many signs kind of told me that everything would be ok:

I had a dream of big success
I actually managed to pet the neighbor's cat!!! It was outside, saw me, i beckoned to me, and it actually let me pet it. By the way, it's a BLACK CAT.
Now along the way, i still had this one song stuck in my head (my 'currently listening to') and it really lifted my spirits. And BEHOLD, my result: A, 80/80 100%!!!! Just as expected *Evil laugh, as if i'm Light from Death Note*

Also, i got a hug from someone i've been SERIOUSLY wanting to hug for AGES. That day couldn't have got ANY better. I know that sounds silly, but WHATEVER.

Anywayzzzz, i've been playing Rainbow Six Vegas, DMC4, and DOA4 again. Sparing the details of DOA4, i managed to get new achievements for DMC4!!! All Secret Missions complete, 'Modus Vivendi' get Max health, and 'Speak of The Devil' complete campaign with Super Nero and Dante. FUN TIMES. And now i'm headin for Legendary Devil Hunter: defeat 10,000 enemies. Wow, i've got a lot of work to do. Not just games really, gotta buck up on school work as well.

Well, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere WE GO

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