Sunday, 21 March 2010

Got Myself A Gun & Progress

My G36C!!!!!!!!!!! It CAME. YAYYYYY. I'm SO Happy. I ordered it Monday at 7am, and it came on Tuesday somewhere before 9am. Wow. And i got more bang for my buck as well! It came with a sling, a holographic cross scope, and red dot sight. An ACTUAL red dot laser pointer. It's fantastic. Of course, I've uploaded pics of my Ghost cosplay with the G36C to Facebook, as well as DA. So i'm all set => Interestingly enough, i've gotten into BB shooting since i got a few with the M9 that I bought. The gun is POWERFUL. It's only a single shot spring, but man does it pack a punch. Whatever i shoot it at, including plastic bags and even my Urahara hat, it bounces/ ricochets right off!! Sometimes flying across the room. haha. It's kinda fun taking it apart, putting it away, and later putting it back together and admiring it. Ah, satisfaction.

In other news, i've been putting some time into stuff i thought I might not. After the horror of completing all campaigns on Left 4 Dead 2, being forced to play it on Normal due to the final house part of 'The Swamp' campaign, i felt that i need something else. From challenging to challenging, i decided to do MW2's Spec Ops again, and with the help of friends managed to complete O Cristo Redentor, Time Trial, Snatch and Grab and even Armor Piercing on Veteran. I also did all the other missions for 1 star, and shockingly did Homeland Security on Hardened. WHAT A FEAT 0_0 I cannot IMAGINE that on Veteran, but like Wardriving (grrrr) i'll have to do it eventually. Heh. But fun fun no less. And after a decently long cutscene in Star Ocean, i felt more motivated to actually not avoid fights and keep on playing till the end. I need to complete that game, haha. Everyone's playin FFXIII while I still haven't done ODST on Legendary. Hah. Guess that's just the way it is.

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