Sunday, 28 March 2010

Surprises & Disappointments

Wellll, lately i've been playing God of War II, in the usual fashion where i play the game before a game that's just been released, in this case God of War III. And WOW 0_0 GOW2 (not Gears 2 obviously) is FANTASTIC. GOW1 was a pretty good game, didn't finish it unfortunately. GOW2 blew me away. A perfect blend of over the top action and gore, puzzle and epic storytelling. Visuals as well were quite nice. In the end, i played it non-stop until the final showdown, and by the time i'd fought my way down the stairs towards Clotho, ripping apart every enemy in the game 1 by 1, i felt SO epic.

Unfortunately, not all in my gaming experience was totally awesome. I refer to Metro 2033 here. A game which i was actually quite excited cause with the whole '28 Days Later' style trailer with 'In The House, In A Heartbeat' music, i thought it was going to be some epic futuristic shooter with horror elements, y'know F.E.A.R stlye. Instead, it was this rather oddly paced Russian themed game in subways, fighting monsters and surviving yes, but with very inefficient weapons. The beginning was quite good, and when you went outside on your own all the while watching your masks filter levels was tense and cool. The game has a very F.E.A.R, Fallout and Half Life style to it, which is nice, but i just didn't expect that. Even though i'm open to so many games and other stuff, this just didn't do it for me, and the stealthy kills and conserving/ switching ammo just got tedious. So really, i'm going to give it up.

On another note, i really need to play Half Life 2: Episode 3...

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