Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mother's 50th & Friendship

Well, another week down, and it's gotten REALLY hot. My mom turned 50 on Saturday, and I did my best to make her feel appreciated by making a photo slide show on our TV while playing 'Atonement' from FFXIII in the background. Both my parents quite like it. Much better than getting a card => Today, the church went food crazy as usual, and my mom received alot of gifts and a big cake. I handled drinks, as usual, and surprisingly alot were left over. I even got to keep my own stash, and i got a new shiny silver opener!! OH YEAH. Haha. My family's so old. Both my parents are now 50, my sister's 20, and i'll be 18 soon. Wow.

Anywayz, while watching Higurashi, i've noticed that i central element is that of friendship, like many other anime. As cheesy as it sounds, it focuses on 'the power of friendship' pretty much. However, it doesn't do it in a cliche way, but rather engages you with Keichii being the strong leader, and all each of the characters do to try and help each other and solve problems. Simultaneously, I managed to help a friend of mine by giving advice for the problems they had. It's been a while since i've done so, heh. To think, there are so many friends suffering, so many people agonizing in solitude, feeling that no one can reach out to them. I think that helping friends can make a difference as long as you're willing to try, to let other people in, and to stand up and try to change your situation. I don't know where i'd be without my friends. True, clashes do occur between friendship groups, and at times it feels that everyone's against you. But sometimes, it takes real maturity to rise above that and realize that people are people, and there's no reason to distrust them. Unless they're untrustworthy, haha. Oh well.

1 more week to go before Expo!!! OH HECK YEAH. So excited.

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