Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bayonetta & Episode Two

What a surprise. After playing the demo, first at Expo and then on my xbox, i thought Bayonetta would be an ok, but under-appreciated game, like many other hack and slashes i know. But instead, i find out that it's got SO many good reviews and true enough, the game is FREAKIN amazing. I didn't expect that. Playing through it, i seriously think it's pretty much Devil May Cry 5: Viewtiful Joe 3. It has Hideki Kamiya written all over it, and it's done SO well. Even the bits that weren't hack and slash made the package all the more entertaining. And the GRAPHICS absolutely blew me away. SOOOOO many cutscenes, SO many big bosses and boss battles, and SOOO much Bayonetta ;) Although, i'm not as into it as the friend i borrowed it from, but it is a pretty amazing game. DMC still has a place in my heart, even though this is game is better than DMC4. I'm really glad i played it, because it served a very, VERY good distraction.

Finally receiving the Orange Box from my friend, i managed to play and finish Half Life 2: Episode Two. It was good. Heh. Come on, it's Valve, could it be not good? It's more of the same that made 2 and episode One good. As in; FPS shoot-outs, puzzle solving, survival horror, and a mysterious story that unravels before you. It was probably the most action packed out of the 3 games so far, but no really the hardest (despite the end battle which really tried my patience ¬_¬). All in all, it was a good experience, and i can't wait for episode Three. Or perhaps HL3.

Anyway, 3 weeks left of 6th from. HERE'S THE CLINCHER

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