Monday, 3 May 2010

Chevelle & Yearbook Poll

I decided to re-listen to the entire discography for Chevelle, one of my favourite bands which are acutally kind of under-rated/ under-exposed, and I don't know anyone out of my friends who has heard of them. I think they're quite awesome, and their songs date quite far back. The song that got me into them was 'Send The Pain Bellow'. I'm not sure when i first heard that, but i only remembered the chorus which was "much like suffocating". Yes, i know this all sounds very...emo. But Chevelle is far from that. They're kind of like energetic hard-rock with alot of bass, meaningful and ambiguous lyrics as well as some slower songs. Going through their songs again and i only gained a few more favourites, but i decided to make a playlist of my top songs from all the albums. Admittedly though, 'The Clincher' is still my current favourite. 'Send...' got me into them, and now this is the one i usually think of and listen to when i'm in a 'chevelle' mood. Although thinking about them and how their albums are organized made me paranoid about a few inner issues I had, I still managed to thoroughly enjoy the band yet again =>

This week, we received a 'Yearbook Poll' full of questions regarding out student body, and the answers would appear in the Yearbook when we get it. Some questions were reasonable and cool to think about (although quite tricky to pick one person!!) such as 'best looking male', 'best looking female', 'biggest joker' or 'most legendary ginger'. Hard ones to answer were, at least for me, 'most likely to kill a joke' and 'friend of the year'. But by far, the one question that really got every was 'Rear of the year'; basically asking us who had the nicest butt. Now THAT spawned some interesting conversations, all good fun though. Apparently, i got some votes for 'most likely to become prime minister' and 'friend of the year'. Prime minster? Heck no. A certain man i know fits the description MUCH better, haha. Gettin votes for the friend one was quite nice, cause honestly i doubt I coulda got votes for anything else.

In any case, i only have ONE MORE MONTH of actual school left. This means revision and essay practice. After that, Expo and my birthday!!! Then of course, the exams. LET'S DO THIS

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