Sunday, 25 April 2010

Zone Of The Enders & Metro 2033

Even though i SERIOUSLY shouldn't have, i decided to play Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner for a bit this week, and i will admit, I am a big fan. On Normal, it's rather challenging, but you can expect no less from an old PS2 game. It's a fantastic mech game though, straight out of the mind of Kojima, and it's pretty darn good. It has SO much MGS2-ness going on, and the anime cutscenes are quite cool and interesting. I've played for quite a while now, and i'm still having fun, although it's gotten harder. It's always nice to discover a fun PS2 game =>

I also managed to complete Metro 2033. Although it feels like i've lost a few years off my life because of it, it didn't take too long, and by the end was quite worth it. I thought it was a bad game and was really disappointed initially, but it's mainly cause of the bit i was stuck on. To be honest, the first 3 hours and last 5 hours that made that game to me. The middle 4 hours were ANNOYING. In the end though, it was a generally fun, spooky and at times scary adventure. What took me by serious surprise was the fact that there's a secret ending which you can only get by making the 'right choices'. Without ruining anything, let's just say you end up making a COMPLETELY different decision at the climax of the game. *sigh* This is why i say 'morality' in games is nonsense. It can be a nice feature in some ways, but to me it's mostly gimmicky and unnecessary. I do love how Kojima adds secret unseen paths in his games where certain choices will alter certain conditions, but i like how he doesn't pass them off as 'moral'. Oh well.

Anyway, new week. Work to do, games to play, anime to watch, books to read, loneliness to feel...

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