Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blur & Final Fantasy XIII

Wow. What a week. And here I was thinking I would revise this week, but there's some time for that soon enough. Anyway, all of a sudden on Xbox Live appears this random game demo called 'Blur'. Now from what i remember it's a racing game, said to be a rival to Split Second. I'm a big fan of Pure, and i think Disney will do well with Split Second as it looks FANTASTIC. And i think that's what made the Blur multiplayer Beta so much more amazing. We called it Mario Kart meets COD. As in, fast paced racing with power-ups and cool visuals, with levelling up, 'perks' and even challenges. The rank is capped at 15 for the demo, but that day i played it all the way to 14 on the several different modes, such as Powered-up Racing, which is up to 20 players!! Sure it lagged out every now and then, but it was NUTS. Me and about 6 of my friends were playing it, a big break from MW2 which we seriously needed. I gotta admit; Blur is one to watch =>

Through sheer luck, and i'm seriously appreciative of this, I got to borrow FFXIII off a friend. Not really sure what to expect, the game seriously exploded into action right in front of me. I don't care what ANYONE says, it's bloody amazin, a fantastic addition to the FF series, and Snow is the greatest character in there. Everyone thinks he's a douche bag cause he brags alot and says everythin will work out, but i think it's just part of how he's brave and tries to help everyone. It's a touching tale of the differences between people, finding lost bravery, and fighting against an enemy which is far beyond human imagination. If anything, it's one of those games, perhaps like FFX or even FFVII, where it locks you into the characters so much that it becomes and engaging package. Sure they seem obvious to figure out, such as Hope, the kid who HAS NONE and whines alot. But he's the one that develops the most, and manages to become brave despite his mom's death. There's this whole deal with Hope and Snow, which is sorta a big deal to the story, and is my favourite part of it all

At the moment, i'm in a sticky situation now. I just beat a hard boss, but after the cutscene in the aftermath of the battle, it's askin me to put in Disc 3...But MY FRIEND STILL HAS IT. Sooooo, i'm just gonna leave my xbox on, haul it to my friends house and get the disc. Although, somehow the chance of that is looking more unlikely by the second...Either way, it's still a fantastic game =>

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