Sunday, 18 April 2010

Death Of Tradition & Grow

Well, looks like a hatchet was finally buried and a new development has shown itself. Either way i feel as lonely as hell T_T The details aren't even worth mentioning, but i will say that i've decided to stop doing a certain thing that, when i think about it carefully, i do a little bit too much. I figure it's not the way to get things done, and it's a relic of the past, so there's no reason to keep pushing it. Maybe things will work out for me in one way or another, but i REALLY need to just let this one go.

In other news, i've had an interesting Easter of soul searching, self-acceptance and tears. Yes, tears. As friggin usual ¬_¬ But i suppose i grew in some way over that time, and it's nice to see progress rather than nothing at all. Though it felt like a hard transition, and now i feel very confused about alot of things that i thought i was sure of. But, i'll just leave it to fate and the flow of time to determine where i'm headed. Until then, i gotta endure some more school now. Fun times =>

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