Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ninja Blade & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

From one hack n slash to the next; after completing Bayonetta, i decided to play Ninja Blade. Yes, it's a mix between Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry and God of War, but it's a pretty fun game. To an extent. It starts off ok, as it's heavily based on QTE. But it literally EXPLODES with QTE as the game goes on. It's fun, but it got REALLY annoying by the end. To the point that despite how much funner the game got later on, it was equally annoying and I won't play it again. An ok experience though. BUUUT, the greatest part of it wasn't the hack and slashy bits, nor was it the QTE. You could CUSTOMIZE THE COLOURS of the main character. So basically, customize your ninja. I made him totally black, with shiny white armor, a blue mask and red scarf. I thought he looked quite sick, especially when I did ninja run; some LUDICROUS SPEED you can do just by holding right trigger, and it goes on FOREVER. I thought it was an interesting addition to a game that probably would have been slightly uninteresting otherwise. Although being able to use a large blade as a surfboard was PRETTY FRICKIN AWESOME.

In other news; i decided to check out Higurashi, aka, 'When They (Cicadas) Cry'. WHAT an anime. It's not necessarily a powerhouse, or one of the most popular. But it is quite entertaining, with enough clubbings to go around. Literally, clubbings. I mean, i can't even explain all that happens. But let's just say there's something awfully twisted going on in the village of Hinamizawa. Pretty dark and pretty interesting. I'm on series 2 now, and I'm yet to see how they explain things.

Only 2 weeks left now: HEAVEN OR HELL - Duel 2 - Let's Rock!!

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