Friday, 11 June 2010

My 18th & The End Of School & Expo

Wow. What an amazing 3 weeks it's been. There's just SO much that has happened. I want to mention my birthday first, cause it was the highlight. My actual 18th was uneventful really. I got tons of texts and facebook messages, which was great, but all I ended up doing was listening to Monoral and reading Hayate No Gotoku =/ I didn't get a present from my parents, which was understandable because they were paying for the party at the Chinese restaurant. I was really grateful for the birthday messages obviously; I got over 100 on just that day!!! I went to Manga club, wearing my '18 Today' badge and they even sang Happy Birthday, courtesy of brother ;) Haha. I played my first game of pool later on, mysteriously winning the game with the help of Kieran. So not too much happened, but it was a good day. Then, there was Saturday. My gosh, so many people showed up; thanks guys ;) I was so happy to see everyone that made it, and a few others as well. I got SO many cards and presents that I couldn't believe it!!!! And I especially loved Odin and Josh's dinosaur card =) Suffice to say, thanks to both gifts and money I got, i've managed to get every game i've wanted lately; Pure, F.E.A.R 2, Dark Sector, Halo 3, COD4, Stimulus AND Resurgence Packages for MW2, and of course the FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC BlazBlue =) =) =) I'm just so happy that I cannot BELIEVE IT. Also, I'm yet to get FFXIII and F.E.A.R. I'm so grateful for how much all my friends care; being there for me, supporting me and of course giving me gifts/ cards.

On another note, I'm out of school now. Beths Grammar School 6th Form is OVER. It has been a fantastic journey, but it's now onto exams and then UNIVERSITY. There's still a few details to sort out, but that's for when the time comes. The last day was pretty fun. I dressed ridiculously: in a white hoody and matching track suit pants, wearing my necklaces and beanie. The day comprised of music, food, drink, talking to teachers one last time and clapping LOADS for everyone and everything. During the awards ceremony for the Yearbook votes, I won 'Friend Of The Year'. I was so surprised, but I was glad to win something. Afterwards, everyone headed over to a pub to hang out and though I don't drink, it was fun hanging out with everyone and going back and forth. It truly dawned on me at that time that I'd never see many of those people again...So much left unsaid, but there's nothing I can do. Later on, with JT I went to play some SSB Brawl with a few other friends; I got to use Kirby to give YA AIDS. Haha. It was a fun day, which prepared for something much bigger which was of course...

The LONDON MCM EXPO 2010!!!! What a DAYYYY. My Ghost cosplay was a PHENOMENAL SUCCESS. I mean seriously, I couldn't walk for more than 2 minutes without someone saying 'Hey look, it's Ghost' or 'Look, G36C!' or 'Hey, you're supposed to be dead!!' It was all so amazing to be so popular. Many came up to me to chat and/or take a picture. Be it young kids, professional photographers, teenage guys and girls, or even a few older people. I even met 2 other Ghosts!!! The attention was something i've never had before, and quite frankly I'll never be that important again. I think...i won't cosplay anymore. Ghost was just too great. Even at 6pm as I was leaving, a guy hugged me and said 'Man you're so awesome, you didn't deserve to die' *sigh* It was so great to be someone as cool as Ghost for a day instead of me. I don't want to cosplay anymore cause it sucks up a lot of money, Ghost was TOO awesome, and I'd like to just hang with friends and check out the expo next time. But regardless of who cares less, the weather, or perhaps my feelings at the end of the day, May Expo 2010 was as greats as it's always been.

SO in the end; I've hung out with friends, I've played games, I've cosplayed, I've turned 18, I've said goodbye to school, and now i'm tackling exams. Aston Uni, here i come =>

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