Sunday, 25 July 2010

Gungrave & Second Chances

Haven't updated in a while, hehe. Recently, I finished the Gungrave anime, and subsequently got the soundtrack; both of which are AMAZING. I really liked the first 4 episodes of Gungrave I saw when I borrowed the first volume from my friend, and I'm a HUGE fan on the seriously underrated game: Gungrave Overdose (which with its predecessor, Gungrave, actually inspired the anime, not the other way around!!). The anime was fast, funny, heart warming, shocking and at times quite sad. That said, it was a really good anime, on my long list of old animes to watch. Almost makes me wanna play Overdose again.

Now, the funny thing about this next part is the idea of 'second chances', which was a major theme in Gungrave. Yesterday, I felt that I had a second chance at something, or perhaps someone...that I thought was dead to me, or beyond reach. Suffice to say yesterday was great, but at the same time it opened up a new window in my life that could bring great things. Dreams don't lie...although somewhat convoluted. I had a sort of feeling that I'd have this encounter, and it honestly gives me hope for the future, and all I have to do is take an active part in how things go. I thank God that man is still granted second chances, and I'll use this one to the fullest extent =>

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