Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Prom & Xbox Party

The Prom was AMAZING. The food was good, the venue was quite cool (once we got inside that is). Finding that place was silly =/ It was a place in the middle of nowhere, in Bromley, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. It was nice hanging out with friends, checking out all the pretty ladies => and of course; DANCING. YESH. After 5 years of not being able to go to a single party or dance, I finally managed to let loose. There were a few good tunes, especially when for the last 30 minutes it went all 80s. Me and my friend Stephen managed to BUST A MOVE. There was some supposed dance competition, but it didn't really take off. I personally think Stephen and I won => It was a bit sad that I didn't have a date, obviously, but oh well. Altogether, it was a great night =)

The day before, I went to my friend's house for a big gaming session. With about 12 of us in total, we played Halo 3, MW2 and a few other games here and there, via system link on multiple TVs with about 5 Xboxs. It was AWESOME. Lots of snacks and drinks, a load of laughs and screams. It was FANTASTIC. It also gave us a chance to joke around and eat pizza. It's something I've always wanted to do actually =) It'd be FREAKIN AMAZING to have a large scale LAN party, but I suppose that might not happen. Oh well. Summer continues, and it's all about Xbox, Anime, movies and music. OH YEAH

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