Monday, 5 July 2010

My Summer & 'The Clincher'

WELL. All my exams are FINISHED. Finally, I am FREEEEEEEEEE. After nearly missing my English exam, sitting my Philosophy exam with uncertainty but hope, and doing my Sociology exam with my eye on the prize, I could finally walk home bravely and chill out knowing everything would be alright. Ever since June 30, I've been just playing xbox, watching anime/ movies/ tv shows, and reading manga. It's also given me a chance to hang out with friends and do some stuff. Like Danson Festival was pretty darn awesome => Annnnd, I got to play Killzone 2 on my friend's PS3. With an HDMI hooked in, it looked REALLY impressive. At the moment, I'm waiting for prom which I think is gonna be quite good. I'm yet to see of course how it's all gonna go. Summer so far has been GREAT. And I'm sure it can only get better ]=>

Out of inspiration from a friend, and because I'm taking a break from Soul Eater, I decided to make a new AMV. Well, GMV anyway. I thought I'd make a BlazBlue one since I had been wanting to for a while, and I used 'The Clincher' by Chevelle as the music. I downloaded a new video player called 'Video spin' which was...pretty good actually. Simple and easy to use, and the quality was near HD. But for some RIDICULOUS and UNSEEN reason, when I made the video it had a section which was rawly jittery. I ended up uploading it anyway, which took a WHILE and the video looked ok. But it bothered me too much =/ So after a long day yesterday, I decided to sit down and have a crack at it again. After thorough and seriously appreciated help from a friend, I managed to fix up what was wrong using another program. There were SOOOO many technical hitches, and this situation reminded me of an issue I'm currently having in my social life. It truly seemed like I this final attempt was 'the clincher'. After 1 internet connection screw up, and about 5 good hours, the upload was done. looks perfect. I will proudly say I am confident in what I've made. I suppose it won't be very popular or amazing to some, but I can rest easy knowing I've made a pretty cool video =>

Here's the link:
Feel free to watch/like/comment and so on.

Anyway, on to the next one. A NEW CHALLENGE AWAITS

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