Sunday, 8 August 2010

Black Holes & Revelations

I thought the name of the Muse album would be fitting for all that I've been through lately. It's been a while since I've updated, and alot has happened. I've made my latest GMV for Youtube, but boy was it not easy...It took SUCH a long time, and I felt like I would never be able to upload it. I got so frustrated, and it took a lot of research and constant scrutiny to figure out how to finally get it uploaded. The completed product is something I'm proud of though => It's called 'For My Dear -DMC4-', a vid which I dedicated to a friend. I do question the necessity of the amount of stress and pain I went through to make it however...Oh well.
Another issue is our weather here. It's ridiculous. It's supposed to be summer, but it's all rain clouds and cold winds. Doesn't help the mood at all. I reached the point where I felt like there's no point in even trying, that there's not point in even being happy. I wouldn't say the clouds were a direct cause, but it just didn't help the mood I was in. To be honest, I kind of feel that way now...Unlimited texts but no one to text. All the time in the world, but no one to hang out with. All the enthusiasm, but none of the result. It's quite maddening really...
Recently, I had to make a decision that, although was for the best, hurt me more than I thought it would. It was rather uncomfortable, but it's something that defines my new personality, and shuns that of the idiot I was 2 years ago. I'm not sure how circumstances shall play out, but I feel worse than when I was doing nothing about it. Some things will never change.

This isn't to say nothing good hasn't happened. 2 nice surprises were Bioshock and Dead Space; 2 games that were better than I thought they'd be. Bioshock was a game that I had played before, but I didn't really like it that much. Well, at all. Cause it just wasn't appealing to me. However, upon playing Bioshock 2 which I found much more fun, I decided to give 1 a try. And I will admit, it's a pretty good game. The intro to the game was somewhat hit and miss, and at times incredibly annoying, but time spent past that produced great results. As good as it was however, I won't buy it. Simply because it's not really a game I'd love to keep. The same with Dead Space, which was also pretty great (and had an AMAZING last boss, ROFL) but I liked the single playthrough, no more. A BIG thing that happened lately was seeing Inception. After watching Minority Report on Sky movies, I was REALLY eager to see it. And I have to say; it's one of the best movies I've ever seen!!! Imaginative, innovative, tense and powerful. I loved every bit of the heart pumping 2 and 1/2 hour long ride. It brought up many questions and perspectives which I feel are all very interesting and valid. I was happy to see this film, as well as Toy Story 3 which I saw last week; also fantastic.

At the moment, with both 'black holes' of situations, and 'revelations' of interesting things, I'm waiting for results day, as well as anything else I need/ want. Summer is summer I guess, but uni is coming and I can't wait. Let's just see where my life goes

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