Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Level Results & The Road Ahead

The day finally came. After people sweated buckets, bullets and other things, Thursday crept up so nicely. And I walked into the doors, and only then did I feel nervous for the first time. But the result...was successful. Ignoring the details, I looked at the final result: A in Sociology, A in English Language, and a B in Philosophy. Just as planned => haha. Well, it's what I was hoping to get, and it got me into Aston University!!! Things are still being finalized and stuff, but at least I'm in. This has been a long time coming, and I'm glad that I finally made it. Now the steady wait till I move to Birmingham =>

The road ahead is pretty much what happened after I got the results. It was a good day, as I managed to buy Batman: Arkham Asylum and a limited edition Splinter Cell man-bag with Splinter Cell on PC. Although, funnily enough, I had initially wanted Splinter Cell: Conviction. *sigh* Some other time. Soon I hope. There's alot of things I've realized lately, and some things I may discover in the near future. With uni right ahead of me, there's alot to look forward to. Perhaps everything will be perfect...But i'm confident that for the most part it'll be an amazing experience. Oh well, let's wait and see =)

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